Lexiconga Paid Features Poll

This poll is to determine how Lexiconga users like you would feel about premium features being added to Lexiconga for a low monthly price.

Please leave an answer for all questions, and be sure to use the "Add Comment" button if you answered "Other" to any of the questions. (You can also leave a comment on most questions even if you don't choose "Other", so feel free if you have something to say!)

Your answers here will help me determine how to move forward with Lexiconga's development!

Would you pay for extra Lexiconga features?

Which paid feature would you like MOST?

Remove Ads
53.33 % (8)

Store Custom Fonts
20.00 % (3)

Full-dictionary Find & Replace
20.00 % (3)

Unlimited Dictionaries (Users with more than limit would be grandfathered in)
6.67 % (1)

Advanced Fields (Users already using advanced fields would be grandfathered in)
0.00 % (0)

Other (leave comment after submitting)
0.00 % (0)

Total votes: 15

Which paid feature would be your SECOND most wanted?

Which paid feature would you like the LEAST?

Would you be happier about paid features if they were in a tiered format?

Which tiered system would be happiest with?

Thank you so much for answering all of the questions and completing this poll!

I'm hesitant to add paid features because I want Lexiconga to be completely free forever, but I need a way to reliably pay for Lexiconga's web host. At the time of writing, Lexiconga has made $65 in donations and $0 in advertising total since it was launched in 2015, which is amazing but not enough to cover the ~$60/year hosting cost each year...

If the overwhelming response to this poll is that users are not willing to pay for extra features, please consider supporting Lexiconga, occasionally leaving a tip, or advertising one of your own projects! If enough people support the project (or start advertising), then I won't need to add paid features and all new features will continue to be free!